Within Seconds Of Hatching Out Of Egg, Baby Chameleon Changes His Colors!

One of the most beautiful things in this world is Birth. Along with the strength of the child-bearing mother, it is always incredible to witness, be it – Be it a human, a reptile, a mammal, or a tiny insect.

A similar flawless moment that every mom who has given birth would love to go through is the water birth that is seen in this video.

However, no matter how hard or how long it takes to give birth, the end result is simply priceless.

The birth of this baby chameleon, although her mother isn’t there, is one such incredible sight to see that will truly fascinate you.

As the recording goes on from the top, the tiny chameleon’s head can be seen popping out of the egg. The chameleon, initially green in colour, gradually opens his eyes and squirms out his way into this world.

Each and every moment of the video is incredible to witness, the part where the baby finally gets on his leg and his skin starts to change colours even more so.

The birth is not only awesome to watch, but witnessing any chameleon change colours is something one could be entertained by for hours at end.

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