Woman Cracks Up When Baby Seal Sitting On Rock Falls Off

Infant seals are like the pups or kitties of the sea. Watching them get used to their own roly-poly bodies resembles viewing young puppies getting used to their own huge paws.

Rather than romping, seals sort of roll about. Just recently some boaters in Falmouth Bay in Cornwall, U.K., got a unique reward when a little seal puppy chose to test out his balancing skills. The location hosts numerous wildlife trips, with dolphins, cetaceans, gray seals, and different birds being spotted regularly.

I am uncertain precisely what this little guy was attempting to do, whether it was dive in the water, roll over, or scratch his tummy. But after a couple of seconds of rolling about, he lastly dives headfirst into the water, doing a flip off the rock.

I’m uncertain whether his movements were deliberate or more like a pup tripping over his paws.

No concerns, this Seal puppies are constantly smile-worthy and make for the ideal afternoon pick-me-up!

Obviously, this video is an excellent pointer that we must constantly be considerate of wildlife and just observe from a safe range without disrupting them while doing so.

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