Bitter For The Split, Man Abandons Girlfriend’s Dog Miles From Home

A woman’s dog, a pit bull mix, was found abandoned in Maryland in November.

Fortunately, the dog’s microchip helped the Caroline County Humane Society trace his origins to Wichita, Kansas.

The Humane Society volunteers were able to get in touch with the dog’s owner. They found out about the dramatic story of how the pup ended up in Maryland.

The dog named Zimba was on what was supposed-to-be a fun road trip with his owner’s then-boyfriend. While on the trip, according to Zimba’s owner, she and her boyfriend split up.

The now ex-boyfriend then abandoned the dog in Maryland because he was upset. He ignored all his ex-girlfriend’s phone calls.

Zimba’s owner has since been looking for him. She was so happy to learn that Zimba was safe. But there was one problem.

Between her job and her kids, she couldn’t find the time to embark on a thousand-plus mile journey to pick the dog up.

Zach Holt, who previously worked at the shelter, heard about Zimba’s story.

At that time, Zach’s girlfriend still worked at the shelter and told him about Zimba. Zach then offered to take the dog back to Kansas.

Since he only worked as a bartender on weekends, he agreed to spare the entire nonworking week to drive Zimba back home.

Zach and Zimba have set out on their journey. They have not arrived in Wichita yet, but are both enjoying their road trip. You can follow their journey on the Facebook page of Caroline County Humane Society.

Zach is excited about Zimba’s reunion with his family. Although he isn’t asking anything in return for driving Zimba home, the Humane Society is now raising funds to pay for his gas and toll fees during the trip