Bizarre Punishment for Kelon Johnson Chaney Made his Mother Furious

It was in the year 2012 when a Texas teacher was reading a book to some of her pre-Kindergarten students. It was the book entitled “The After-School Monster.” It was a story about how a little girl comes home from school to find a giant monster hiding in her closet. In the story, it was explained how the only way to fight and defeat the monster was to face it with courage.

In the class was four-year-old Kelon Johnson Chaney who was sent home from school early. Clearly, the story had a huge effect on him and the concept of bravery. In this world, the children are taught the importance of values such as courage and bravery. However, the idea of monsters can truly traumatize others as well. Sometimes, even monsters do not only appear in storybooks, but also in real life.

Kelon Johnson Chaney’s mother was named Kelicia. She was very much amused and alarmed to hear her son needed to be sent home. As reports showed that he was not entirely sick, but he spent the last part of his school day crying so hard that he even vomited.

The young boy proceeded to tell his other about what had happened in school after he got trouble for laughing in class. He was definitely in trouble. It was at this time that his teacher and the teacher’s aid decided to come up with the decision of giving a disciplinary action for such cases of Kelon which was to provide him with a time-out whenever he would act inappropriately or uncalled for. However, they took it a step further with a punishment similar to that of the book they were reading in class.

Kelon was locked in a closet for his time-out — but the teacher told him it was not just any closet! It absolutely instigated fear in the young boy that could haunt him in his later years. When Kelon’s mother learned why he was so upset, she was absolutely furious.