Blind Pug Falls Asleep In Bed, Then Camera Catches His Owner Sneaking Up On Him

There are some popular tested ways to wake up the sleeping pet, such as conversing, petting or making chaos beside their bed. So, whenever I want to wake up my sleeping dog, I generally follow these basic methods!

The above mentioned methods are widely and normally followed by many people. They follow the same ways to awaken their pets when they nod off. To this, the pets give quite entertaining responses like either they will completely ignore their owner or will go absolutely nuts.

Perhaps I would love to capture on a video if my pet would give interesting reactions to being woken up but she merely gets up and stretches herself.

A family had a pug called Baboo, who was blind. They observed that he liked a particular way of being woken up, so now they make sure they awaken him that way only.

The family decided that the most charming method to get him awake is by kissing him!

Baboo starts sniffing as soon as they kiss him in search of the one who woke him. He starts wagging his tail to show how he enjoyed it and is so grateful for the love he is receiving from the family members. It is quite evident that this doesn’t annoy him and he loves this.

From young to adult, everybody in the house is now accustomed to follow this method while waking up Baboo.

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