Man Thinks Bloated Hedgehog Walking In Circles Is Pregnant, But Vet Says He Has Balloon Syndrome

When you see a hedgehog that has doubled its usual size and is looking stressed out, you might think that it is pregnant. This man from Doncaster in United Kingdom saw a blown-up hedgehog that looked uncomfortable as it walked around. As the man was worried about its pregnancy, he contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) to get the hedgehog checked and attended to properly by animal doctors.

Contrary to his first guess, the hedgehog was not pregnant at all. The hedgehog could not bear little babies in the first place. Can you guess why? It’s because it was found to be male! The animal’s discomfort and blown-up size were actually caused by an unusual condition called Balloon Syndrome.

Are you aware of this hedgehog syndrome? The Balloon Syndrome is a rare condition unique to hedgehogs where the animal inflates due to gas trapped under their skin. The inflation may be caused by either an injury on a gas-producing infection.

For the treatment of hedgehogs, a needle or syringe will be used to reach under the hedgehog’s skin to let the air out. In short, the hedgehog will be popped like a balloon but surely, the vets will do it carefully. The RSPCA named him Monty after the Montgolfier brother – inventors of the hot air balloon. He will be back into the wild after a few days of recovery!

Poor hedgehog! It must have been painful and uncomfortable for him to be blown up and stretched like that. Thanks to this man who called the vets even if he mistakenly thought it was pregnant.

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