Students Lunch is Replaced With Cheese Sandwich Infuriating The Child’s Mother

One mom in Maryland was furious when her elementary aged school kids told her the people at the school had taken their lunches away because of their unpaid school lunch bill.

Her children are Hailee and Justin, are both just 7 years old, came home from school one day recently and told their mom about the incident. What they told her was that their lunch trays had been taken away by teachers and they were told they didn’t have enough money to pay for their meals.

When their lunch trays were taken away, they were replaced with plain cheese sandwiches.

When contacted the spokesperson at the school explained that when a student’s account falls behind by more than $12 and aren’t on the school lunch program, they are provided cheese sandwiches as per the school district protocol.

When Lisa contacted the school, she noted that her biggest complaint was the way the situation was handled.

Saying that the way they handled it put the children in the awkward position of being singled out and bullied.

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