Boy Walks Sister Down The Aisle After Their Father Died In A Crash

Getting married and saying ‘I do’ is probably one of a girl’s greatest dreams. Wearing that white gown and seeing all your friends and family get glammed up is just the icing on the cake. The most important part of it all is having your father walk you down the aisle. It may be difficult for him, handing you over to the man who will take care of you. But let us admit, our father is still our first love!Sherri Webb dreamed of the exact wedding. Everything she wanted was all planned out. Tragically, she did not walk down the aisle with her dad. Before the marriage, his father and brother got into a car accident. His brother survived, but their father did not make it.

She felt devastated, thinking her dream wedding is never going to happen anymore. However, she still wanted to push through the wedding. She loved her fiancée so much that she promised marriage in no time.

In the matrimonial ceremony, her little brother performed the duties that would have been their dad’s. He walked her older sister down the aisle and towards her groom. Sherri said she did not lose her father. She carried a framed photo of him in her bouquet.

She believed that her father was watching them and was happy to see his eldest daughter having the time of her life. Sherri thanked her little brother for stepping in and doing a great job filling in his dad’s shoes. The family is still mourning over their loss, but they have so much to be thankful about as well.

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