Boyfriend Encounters Horrific Scene Upon Checking on Girlfriend’s Mom

Entrusting your child to anyone, even family can be unnerving. Unfortunately, Tracy Ineichen didn’t have a choice. The young mother had a run-in with the law and had to spend time away from her 1-year-old, Brier.

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Tracy sought the help of her mother, Brier’s grandmother, Annette, to take care of her child while she was in prison for a minor offense. Tracy had arranged for her mother and daughter to visit her at the facility.  

However, when the two of them did not show up, she knew something had to be wrong.

Worried and justifiably so, she asked her boyfriend, Anthony Waldo, to pay her mother a visit to make sure everything was okay.

Anthony swung by Annette’s home and was shocked by what he saw.

Anthony saw Annette unconscious in her bedroom. Apparently, she had been dead for up to five days thus leaving young Brier unattended.

In a panic, Anthony looked for Brier. The 1-year-old was in her crib severely malnourished and dehydrated.

Anthony shared that he saw Brier through the door. Brier was in her crib and stood up when she heard his voice. She even reached out. After telling Tracy, Tracy told Anthony to break the door down, so he did. Anthony took Brier, but Brier couldn’t hold her head up. Brier just clung on to him and her head tilted.  

If it weren’t for Anthony, Brier’s situation would have resulted into something grimmer. He doesn’t think much of it. Anthony just wants to help the little kid he considers his goddaughter. Anthony took charge of Brier’s care while his partner Tracy did time.

“I’m basically like her godfather,” he says, as per WVLT.

“Throughout her whole life, her short little fifteen months that she’s been here, I’ve tried to help her out.”

According to police chief Tony Crisp, Brier was given to a new family following the tragic event, one chosen by social services.

Brier was taken to East Tennessee Children’s hospital. She made a full recovery, while Tracy was released from prison and has since been reunited with her daughter.

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Facebook / Brier Rose