Boys In Creative Protest After Some Girls Were Expelled for Wearing Off Shoulders

We all probably had some sort of trouble following dress codes implemented by our school when we were younger. The skirt length, the type of shoes, and even the kind of haircut – these are just some of the observed school rules we may have encountered back then.

A school in California may have gone overboard in implementing their dress code for girls, resulting in a unique protest led by boys.

The San Benito High School in California has always been firm in carrying out their dress code regulations. However, it appears they have more rules imposed on girls compared to boys which exhibit how sexist and unfair the regulations are. The situation escalated when 20 girls were expelled for violating the dress code during their first day of classes. Who knew wearing off-shoulder dresses that aren’t even revealing can get a student kicked out?

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As expected, some students got upset with the school’s decision. The boys were also outraged by the school’s action because they felt like their female relatives and friends are being humiliated in public by the management. They protested against this ruling by wearing off-shoulder tops to show how unfair and inappropriate the rule is.Some students also pointed out how the school permitted senior students to wear off-shoulders in school portrait books.

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The rule on off-shoulders has been in existence for years but was enforced just this 2017 during the first day of school. The rule covers tube tops and strapless shirts but not long-sleeved dresses that reveal the collarbone and shoulders. This alone makes the school’s ruling on the 20 girls silly.

The protest can be considered a success when the school management decided to end this issue by releasing a statement acknowledging their mistake. They promised to revise the handbook to remove the controversial clause.