Brave Mother Distracts a Fake Police Officer Threatening Her Family

Being a protector, mothers are amazing. With their quick and smart thinking in difficult and pressure situations, as well as their possession of impressive multitasking abilities, they can save their families from different conditions.

One Californian mother has proved her abilities. When her family was apprehended by an armed stranger faking as a police officer over the weekend, she knew that something was erroneous.

All of a sudden, a stranger approached their van.

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She felt that something was unusual, despite her witty technique to scare the gunman. 

The Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles County believed that it was the “momma bear instincts” that de-escalated the dangerous situation. Such an action has eventually led to the criminal’s arrest.

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The situation began when the woman’s family decided to buy Carne Asada tacos after spending their day at a local water park. They picked up their meals from a taco truck, choosing to eat in their minivans.


Suddenly, a man apprehended the van and started making threats to the family. He used his gun and badge, faking to be a police officer. The woman handed her purse and decided to offer him a taco. The fake cop accepted the taco.

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As the man continued his action through her purse, she then left the car to retrieve the table napkins. The woman has spoken to the taco worker and asked the workers to call 911.

Don’t Look Now, But…

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Both the woman’s fellow customers and taco workers called 911. While the man was still standing beside the car, the actual police officers arrived.

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Upon seeing the police approaching him, he proceeded to throw a gun in the minivan.


Luckily, the bad guy didn’t get away.

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People are beyond impressed by the woman’s quick thinking.

LA County Sheriff / Twitter

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ABC13 Houston / Facebook

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But, the police still arrested him. Later on, the suspect was later identified as Juan Rodriguez, a 38-year-old man who is now facing felony charges.