Bride Surprised by Soldier Friend’s Arrival to Wedding Preparation

Brandon and Katie are about to tie the knot, which will take place in Corpus Christi, Texas. However, it seems that their close friend, who is a US Navy pilot, Michael Klein, would not be able to make it to their special day. This is due to the fact he is currently on duty in California.

However, Brandon was able to speak with Michael 3 weeks before the nuptials. It appears that the US Navy pilot would actually attend their special day. Plus, he will be able to serve as a groomsman in the wedding before returning to California.

As expected, the groom is apparently glad about the news. To make things more interesting, the two confided to keep Michael’s attendance a secret to the bride.

The video shows that Brandon successfully brought Michael into the venue of their wedding. During the said time, the bride and her bridesmaids are preparing for the nuptials. It is also apparent that Katie has no idea of what will happen next, especially now that even Brie, one of her bridesmaids, is celebrating her birthday.

Michael is also a good friend of Brie. This means that if they found out the pilot is present, two women will definitely be more than happy.

You can see in the clip that Michael is finding his way to the place where the women are without being seen. Before walking into the room, he yells, “I hear there’s a wedding here!” What took place is simply full of laughter and tears from both the women who are very ecstatic about having their friend during their special day.

The story may be simple but clearly shows that friendship cannot be replaced by anything material. As long as your friends’ presence is felt, it is more than enough to go through this life.

Footage provided by KIII Corpus Christi