Bride-To-Be Was Humiliated In Social Media By Dress Shop Staff

Fitting the gown for the wedding day is one of the best moments for a woman, especially if she is with her mother. There are times when alterations need to be done for the gown to fit perfectly. But for Theresa Norris, it was ruined. Theresa Norris, a bride-to-be, looked for a wedding gown shop that would help her with the alterations she wants for her dress. She walked into a Phoenix bridal shop with her mom. She requested to add more bustle and to lower the neckline.

She did not expect what would happen next. The staff was not accommodating at all. She made it seem impossible to do what Theresa requested. She could not give any estimates for the alterations. Instead, she’s continuously emphasizing that the dress is too small for Theresa.

Theresa admitted that she gained weight after they bought the wedding gown. But she still has almost a year before the wedding day. The staff continued to point out Theresa’s weight. Other customers are hearing all the staff was saying. Theresa said it was really embarrassing. She has to go to another store to do the alterations.

Months later, Theresa posted a picture of her wedding day. She looked stunning in her dress, and it fitted her perfectly. While browsing the Facebook, she saw an advertisement from the wedding shop. She posted the appalling experience. And to her surprise, she received a comment instead of an apology, and it contained a link to a website of a fitness gym.

The wedding shop owner did not admit to the event but made an excuse that it could have been a previous employee. She also mentioned that her account was hacked. Later, the owner invited Theresa to the shop to formally apologize for what happened.

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Footage provided by KNXV Phoenix