Bullies Mock Her Beauty But Returns Looking Like Melania Trump

Over the years, Claudia Sierra endured mockery from several people who kept on bullying how she looked like. She even claimed that their dreadful treatment affected her 42-year-old self.

She had always been bullied since she was a little girl from her hairstyle to the size of her nose. Studying had always been difficult for her because her classmates never failed to amass her with distaste and maltreatment.

She even recalled that she would put scotch tape on her nose and her forehead trying to alter how she looked. All her life, the negative comments about her had been a nightmare to her existence.

When Claudia turned 40 years old who is already a mother of two, she had the most devastating news of her life. Much to her dismay, she was told that she has breast cancer.

Knowing that she has that kind of illness stressed her out so badly that she reached the point of making food as her stress relieving outlet. Because of that, she ultimately gained weight which eventually made her self-esteem low.

One day, she suddenly thought of her idol, Melania Trump, whom she sees as a glamorous and strong woman who can endure whatever pain there is. From that thought, Claudia decided to become like Melania – physically and mentally.

She sought help from a plastic surgeon whom she entrusted so much to make her look like the first lady. There were various plastic surgeries performed on her which include liposuction, breast augmentation, butt lift, and other procedures like extensions, dental work, and spray tan. Plus, she had to hire her trainer to keep her body fit like Melania Trump.

With all the changes she had, Claudia spent a total of around $50,000 just to achieve the look she always wanted to acquire.

Watch the video below and stun yourself with the drastic changes Claudia had to undergo!