Burglar Called 911 to Save Himself After Getting Stuck in Chimney

Everybody knows that even though Santa Claus has a round frame, this jolly man in a red suit can still find a way to sneak in through the chimney of any house to bring presents for everyone on Christmas Eve.

Considering how thin and lean most chimneys tend to be, that’s quite a remarkable achievement!

However, for a man who seems to have had a less-than-jolly motive, a journey down a person’s chimney proved his ruin.

Loree LaMoureaux, owner of Loree’s Little Shack in Sacramento, was surprised to discover that her bar had nearly been robbed. All thanks to her chimney, the bar was still in good condition, and nothing was stolen.

She joked that only the right Santa Claus could fit into the Little Shack’s chimney. Unfortunately, for the man who pretended to be Santa, the chimney wouldn’t simply allow him to pass through. Considering that the man, who attempted to break into the Little Shack, was a lot skinnier than the real Santa, it only goes to show that Santa’s amazing feats are immeasurable.

One night, Jesse Berube tried to break and enter into Loree’s Little Shack through her chimney. It sounded like a reasonable plan for him, but he didn’t count one possible scenario that could ruin everything – getting stuck!

He already had his hopes of stealing the employee’s tips that were typically located inside the holiday stockings and were usually hung by the bar. Those tips numbered the high hundreds, even thousands, according to the store owner, Loree.

It was fortunate that Jesse wasn’t able to get inside. Emergency services reported to have received a call shortly after the suspect had attempted to enter the chimney. What’s even more surprising was that the call came from Jesse himself!

According to law enforcement, the suspect had gotten trapped in the chimney and couldn’t think of a way out. He had no choice but to dial 911 in order to save himself!

Footage provided by KTXL Sacramento