Buried Ultrasound Scan Photos Baffles Daughter

A piece of Oklahoma farmland has been home to Shirley and her family ever since 1956.

One day, Shirley decided to clean up the barn in her mother’s property. While tidying the area, she spotted something near the back wall lying in the dirt.

Initially, she assumed that it was only garbage and planned to simply dispose of the trash properly. So, she went towards the trash, and after taking a closer look, she noted that it was a plastic baggie that was buried in the ground.

The baggie had the name Ryan spelled out on its surface as well as on the inside. As curious as she was, Shirley opened up the baggie and found some pieces of paper inside the bag as she had presumed them to be.

Shirley took out the contents of the baggie and discovered that the contents were ultrasound scans of an unborn baby – the photographs that show the outline of a baby growing inside its mother’s womb.

Shirley was once an employee in an OB-GYN office, and she was aware of the importance of those images. She knew that they would come in handy for the baby’s parents in case they had lost their child.

The mysterious pictures were brought to Yukon Medical Imaging in 2006.

The photographs outlined the baby’s face and feet and also confirmed that it was a boy. Shirley wondered how such images ended up in her mother’s barn, even more soending up buried in the ground.

Shirley is now determined to return the images to the rightful owner. She is convinced that the owner is not from the area since the name Ryan was not common in their neighborhood.

Shirley Wilson has since been on a mission to put the pieces together and solve the mystery of the scan.

Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma City