Bus Driver From Above Rescues 22 Kids From California Wildfire

It’s confirmed that the fire at California claimed 79 lives. The flames also accounted for 699 missing people. Many pray for these people to be with their loved ones soon. Those who survived the fire can now tell their tales of how they survived the whole ordeal.

One story, in particular, is from Kevin McCaly. He had only been a bus rider for a few months. He had to drive 22 kids through the dangerous California wildfires and lead them to safety.

He was only going to drive kids through traffic. He was only going to wait for kids and drop them over to their schools. But, he went above and beyond.

These particular wildfires started during the early hours of November 8. That was when the fires first began to disperse. This forced thousands in Butte Country to flee. 41-year-old Kevin grew alarmed when he saw the fire. He knew something as big as Camp Fire was a serious threat.

When the evacuation announcement went off, parents came to fetch their kids from their schools. But, 22 kids in Ponderosa Elementary School didn’t have anyone to pick them up. Their relatives couldn’t fetch them. Kevin had to talk to the principal to know what to do.



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He had two teachers to help him evacuate the stranded kids. When the teachers brought up fears of smoke inhalation, Kevin took off his shirt and tore it up. He handed it to the teachers so, they can give it to the kids can use it as a breathing tool or a mask of some sort. During the whole drive, Kevin thought that they would die. Hours after driving through a literal hell on earth, they managed to get out of the Campfire, alive and well.