There’s a Baby in Your Hair

There have been a lot of pranks that have been played over the years and thanks to the invention of You Tube, a majority of these are nowadays recorded for the enjoyment of the public. Some pranks might be a little bit overboard but a majority of them are simply funny and a few are plain hilarious.

It can be argued that the classification of the pranks people have seen into these 3 categories would depend solely on the judge at the moment.

Not a lot of pranks involve babies and this inclusion can be totally unexpected for those who fall for these kind of tricks. A child is a heaven sent for anyone with the luck to have one in their charge.

Those who have spent some time with them know that they are up for pretty much anything and this can make for quite a good time. Two men decided to take advantage of this flexibility and involved a young child in their latest prank.

The two men walked up to a number of strangers claiming they have something on their hair and asked if they could perhaps brush it off. Upon their ascent they would produce the young boy from behind the unsuspecting individual, claiming they got him off their hair. Needless to say the prank more than surprised a number of people.