Candace Cameron can’t hide her feelings as the coach turns to select her daughter at “The Voice”

We have one more success story from The Voice! Candace Cameron-more popularly known as D. J. Tanner from Fuller House expressed an emotional burst on camera, when her daughter Natasha Bure was able to turn tables on The Voice! This beautiful and talented teen was unable to cross the selection line last time around. But this time she was all prepared. She sang Elvis Presley’s song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” during her audition.

As per the rules of The Voice, the contestants have to give blind audition, which means judges cannot see the faces of the contestants before selecting the one. They have to depend only on the voice quality of a contestant for selection. That means the previous reputation of the contestants or parents can’t affect their selection. When Bure started singing during audition, it took less than 1 minute before the handsome judge Adam Levine pressed the buzzer and turned around. This was enough for an emotional outburst from Candace, who was supporting her daughter back stage.

Watch the video of this success story which is extraordinary!