Canine Human-like Intuition Confirmed by Science

How does human-dog companionship affect canine intuition? It is an issue that attracts different point of views.

Many people believe that just like humans, it is easy to fool or manipulate a dog through their needs. Some people also thought that canine has the instinct to identify people in trouble. But, the canine has its way of choosing who they like.

In a study shared by BBC, it showed that dogs could identify a reliable person.  A study was held at Kyoto University in Japan lead by Akiko Takaoka, a scientist. The primary objective of the study is to determine whether this four-legged creature will continue to trust a person who had once lied to it.


Akiko and her team created three scenarios to rule out the study. First, they want to know if canine can determine a trustworthy individual based on how the person had done before. The study found out that canine doesn’t like being surprised. Instead, they prefer to be specific as stated by John Bradshaw.

The second scenario was directing the dog towards a bucket that contains a portion of food. The dog will run towards the bucket. But, the dog would feel that he is fooled when directed and ran towards the bucket without food. In this scenario, if the human gesture isn’t consistent, the dog may become nervous and stressed.


In the third scenario, the team had used the previous experience of the canine to know if the dog will trust again. The team tried to direct the dog back to a pail with food and dog followed without hesitation.

Takaoka ruled out that dogs don’t value the reliability of humans. The social intelligence of dogs evolves on how long they were with humans. The study shows that domestication weighs more than honesty. Therefore, dogs trust their master regardless of the situation.