Caterpillar Bite Gives Teenage Boy the Worst Pain of His Life

The Pergolas have been spending their weekend the same way for years. The family hailing  from Land O’ Lakes, Florida are known to their neighbors as a charitable and kind bunch. When they can, the members of the clan would volunteer for local work.

Predictably, the Pergolas spent a weekend in June volunteering at a nearby farm. They were tasked to clear out debris and trim the trees surrounding the area. Everything was going according to plan. That is until Andrea Pergola, the family’s matriarch, heard something that made her blood curdle.

Logan, Andrea’s 15-year-old son, was picking up branches when he brushed up against a caterpillar. The caterpillar bit the teenage boy and he appeared to be experiencing the worst pain of his life. After hearing him scream, the entire family rushed to his side to find out what was wrong.

According to Andrea, Logan is used to being outdoors. He has a high tolerance to pain. So, when her son was inconsolable from the pain, she knew that it wasn’t a run-of-the-mill insect bite. The family tried to remedy the situation by washing the infected area with water and rubbing it with garlic. However, nothing worked.

After a few minutes, Logan was already feeling light-headed. He was going pale and was almost on the verge of passing out. Logan’s parents rushed him to the emergency room. Upon arrival, they identified the terrifying culprit – the Southern Flannel Moth Larva.

The Southern Flannel Moth Larva is common in Pasco County where the Pergola family lived. It is covered with poisonous hairs and venomous glands. The particular caterpillar that bit Logan was already older. Older caterpillars of its type would be even more poisonous.

Thankfully, Logan came out of the hospital unscathed. Andrea has since shared their experience on social media. She has warned people to look out for this caterpillar so the same thing won’t happen to another family again.