Caught On Camera: Dog Groomer Had No Idea He Was Being Recored While Doing This With A Dog

You’ve probably heard the saying a few dozen times that if you love the work you do you’ll never actually have to work a day in your life. Well, when you see the man in this video simply doing his job you’ll see why what that saying is all about.

His name is Luis Antonio Caballero and he works at a grooming salon for dogs in Buenos Aires. In the video, he didn’t have any idea that his wife was recording him while he was conducting a client meeting.

We get to watch Luis as he’s dancing to the classic by the B-52’s, Love Shack. What makes it even more awesome is he’s dancing with a cute little dog while it’s getting a bath.

What is very obvious to anyone watching is that either Luis truly loves his job, or really loves to dance, or both! It looks to us like it’s both.

Although he seems to a little embarrassed to have gotten caught on video dancing with dogs we think it’s great.

It’s really great to know there are people like Luis in the world. People who absolutely love what they do. I’ll bet the dogs he cares for really appreciate the way Luis enjoys his work too.

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