Celebrate the National Cake Decorating Day in the Best Way by Seeing These 20 Most Stunning Cakes Ever!

My mom is a great decorator of cakes and so I had great cakes all my childhood.

I had superb birthday sweets in my childhood days and I used to watch the fantastic creations my mother made for different occasions.

I am not the artistic kind, and so I helped her by consuming the icing and watched my Great Baker Mom. I am always awestruck seeing the talent of decorating the cakes so beautifully and so on the great National Cake Decorating Day, I will like to share the pictures of 20 best and most stunning cakes I have come across. Do, tell me what are your views!

1. This autumn leaves and birch trees themed cake is just perfect for fall!

Melissa D / MyCakeSchool.com

2. Roses are just perfect for any occasion, and look great on this cake!

3. This amazingly beautiful geode cake is way beyond beautiful.

Intricate Icing Cake Designs via My Modern Met

4. I would love to hang such a beautiful and colorful wreath on my door! I wish I could!

5. This elegant one is every Disney Fan’s dream come true!

Facebook / Cassiopée Designs

6. This sleepytime cake is just the best thing for any kid!

7. This Henna-inspired cake is so classic and most exquisite design I have come across.

Cake Central / LeanneW

8. For all the nerdy people! What do you think?

9. Would you like to have one of these beautiful teacups?

Roberta Facchini robertafacchini.com / Via Buzzfeed

10. This cake has a fabulous texture and the icing looks just like chiffon!

11. This is my definition of classy! The inside is also different, see the tutorial here.

Sugar Geek

12. This spooky cake is just perfect for the Halloween season!

13. This amazing cake is inspired by Ursa Major and is just so great!!

Freshly Squeez’d via Behance

14. This is perfect for all the princesses out there.

15. Get all the fruits in these fruit themed cakes! Which one is your favorite?


16. Chocolate delight! You can have your favorite cookies as well as the tasty cake!

17. This is just so chocolaty! The decoration itself makes the mouth water!

The First Year

18. This abstract cake is a perfect piece of creativity!

19. Because classic designs and elegant colors are always the best! This one is truly so magnificent!

Mark Joseph

20. And last but not the least, this super decked cake which is a pleasure to see!


All I want is just cakes now!!