Celebrity Encounters Revealed By Ordinary People

Seeing your favorite Hollywood celebrity or bumping into them in the streets is probably a dream come true. We’ve seen them grace the televisions and big screens and it’s so overwhelming to see them up-close and even talk to them in person.

Most celebrities are actually nice when you meet them. They talk to their supporters and greet them during fan gatherings. You wouldn’t believe that most of these A-list superstars were veteran actors and people with big household names. Some of them live just like an ordinary people.

It’s a common trend to take pictures with them or have their autographs during an encounter. Here are some famous celebrities and their super nice meeting with their fans:

Thumbnail Photos: Wikimedia / Georges Biard // Wikimedia / Kathy Reesey // Wikimedia / Staff Sgt. Luis P. Valdespino, Jr.

Wikimedia / Paul Sherwood

A fan was staying in a stunning resort in Bavarian Alps when he spotted Bill Murray. The actor extended his arms and talked to him and invited him to play pool.

Wikimedia / Robin Williams

A student who was riding a bus caught in traffic spotted Robin Williams on set. The actor started gawking at the people on the bus and approached to talk to them.



Wikimedia / Dora Britt

A cashier saw Jason Segal in line and made small talk with him. The cashier didn’t mention that she knew him but Jason was very kind and welcoming.


Wikimedia / Walmart Stores

A golf player was at a private driving range when he saw Will Smith drove up in a cart. The fan approached him, tapped his shoulder, and made conversation about his latest movie.

Flickr / Phil Denton

A kid’s earliest memory of celebrity encounters was meeting Mr. T. He gave the kid an A-Team pin and said it was the coolest moment of his life.

These celebrity encounters make the lives of ordinary people special. Famous personalities make us believe that even when you’re accomplished and well-known, you have to stay grounded.