Cheap Hacks From Exterminators Zeroes Out Ant in Your Home

Summer is in full swing! This season is the best time to bust out your prettiest sundress and yummiest barbecue recipe.  Why not throw a backyard party, spend your weekend by the pool, or enjoy an outdoor activity with your family? The possibilities this season affords are endless.

So do not let your summer be hampered by pesky ants! Below are just a few effective and natural ways to get rid of these little critters:

More than Just for Cookies: Cinnamon

Ants are repelled by the natural scent of cinnamon. To use cinnamon powder as an ant repellant, all you need to do is mix the spice with water, soak a cotton ball in it and wipe areas that are affected by an ant infestation.

Alternatively, you can also use cinnamon bars. You can hang them near openings in your home, like doors and windows, to repel ants.

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Douse it With Vinegar

Like cinnamon, vinegar is too pungent of a scent for ants.

You can use white or apple cider vinegar for this ant repellant recipe. Mix your choice of vinegar with water – one is to one. Vinegar can be a strong smell for humans too. In order for the scent to be tolerable, it is advisable to mix the vinegar concoction with a few drops of essential oils. Spray the mixture on affected areas. Repeat once every day for a few days.


Cayenne for a Little Spice

Using cayenne pepper to get rid of ants is an old trick. To use cayenne, you have to find the source of ants in your household. Sprinkle the pepper directly on it. Cayenne pepper boiled in water would also work well as an ant repellent.

Ants wouldn’t be able to dampen your summer with the aforementioned tricks! Use now and thank us later. 🙂

Watch the video below for information and tips on how to get rid of ants inside and outside your home:

We all know someone who’s going to have to deal with ants trying to invade their home this summer, right? 

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