Chrissy Teigen Shares Breast-Pumping Photos and Had Gone Viral

Chrissy Teigen is an undisputed Queen of Social Media, especially on her Twitter account. She often makes headlines due to her sarcastic takings on anything and LOL clapbacks. However, she is more than a pure fantastic comedian.

The mother of two and a model is the most deserving woman because of her straightforwardness and total honesty. This usually happens in her dealings with family life. Recently, Chrissy had not filtered her photos when she discussed her husband’s experience with the IVF. The IVF was used to conceive her second child. Now, the little man has finally arrived, and Chrissy is sharing and documenting what was involved in keeping the family together.

If you are tired of seeing stars who act like living their lives like a fairy tale, you will come to appreciate Chrissy. When talking about her life, Chrissy is not embarrassed. She is very honest that comes with a positive dose of humor.

She has been open about how her pregnancy and how it has influenced her body. No hiding from the cameras, and no airbrushing. She remained proud of what she was going through and who she is.

So in case you weren’t aware, Chrissy has no shame when talking about her life.



She’s been especially open about how pregnancy has affected her body.

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The recent Chrissy’s hilariously social media pic was throwing a peace sign while rocking two pumps in the vehicle. The pic was posted to John’s Instagram. Naturally, people loved the photo.

Let us present: Chrissy’s latest hilariously honest social media pic!

johnlegend/ Instagram

johnlegend/ Instagram

If people had more authentic and relatable celebrities, the world would be a better place. These two are not like other celebrities in Hollywood.

Naturally, everyone loved the picture.

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The long-running hashtag #NormalizeBreastFeeding has been attached to a lot of comments from fans across the globe.

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The comments section of John’s original post is also full of support.

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Chrissy Teigen: Force for Good in the Universe

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The hashtag: #NormalizeBreastFeeding has attracted so much attention and comments from fans across the world. Its stigma has been around for a very long time. Many mothers online are cheering her for addressing the significant issue in the world.