Cindy Crawford: A Superstar’s Family Acceptance

Who would have thought that during the day of Sunday on February 20, 1966, a newborn child named Cindy Ann Crawford would grow up as a superstar? She is an American model and actress who starred in plenty of movies such as Fair Game and appeared in hundreds of magazine covers. She is known for her beauty and a trademark of mole which is located above her lip.

Cindy Ann Crawford is the daughter of Jennifer and John Daniel Crawford who are parents to four children. Cindy has a younger and older sister and a baby brother named Jeff. Jeff is very precious to them, especially for their father John for he wants Jeff to carry out their family name.

Everyone would love to know and feel how the life of a superstar works, for a lot believe that it is all about just fame and money. However, these people are just humans too, who encounter daily problems as most people do.

When Cindy was eight years old, an unforeseen occurrence happened. Two-year-old Jeff was diagnosed with a sickness called leukemia.

Trying to hide the real scenario, Cindy’s parents sugarcoated leukemia as “sick,” and she told this in an interview on Oprah’s Master Class during the 10th of March 2013.

They went from hospital to hospital looking for the perfect treatment to heal Jeff, but he remains sick. The only thing to do now is to accept the fate they are facing. Bravely, Jeff’s the first one to accept everything which gave the family courage and acceptance that it is better to end the pain and have peace rather than continue seeing the occurrence worsen. The fight has been bravely fought, but it has ended.

Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / Cindy Crawford

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