Community Unites To Save A Deer With Stuck Plastic Pumpkin

While it is up to us on what kind of decorations we would like to have in our house, the responsibility of securing them also remains under our close watch. You must bear in mind that one mistake could pose a severe threat, not only to humans but also to animals. Take what happened in the neighborhood of Ohio as a concrete example for this. Residents were shocked after seeing a deer roaming around with a plastic pumpkin stuck on her head. The trouble doesn’t sound too simple as it seems because the pumpkin stopped the poor animal from eating and drinking for four straight days. More than that, if it continues for the next couple of days, the deer would definitely be in great trouble.

Fortunately, the residents know what their obligation is, and they tried to help the deer. They plotted means to rescue the poor animal. They ended up with a plan of trapping the animal by forming a human chain. What happened next was a real animal rescue operation; they got hold of the deer and loosened the plastic pumpkin wrapping her neck. Then, the deer just went on a straight run toward the wild. The residents were happy to know that they’ve been able to save a life. They only wish that the deer would not come across a vagrant decoration again.

The fate of the deer led to a strengthened camaraderie and cooperation amongst the residents of the community. Aside from this, everyone learned that they must take a serious watch in their perimeters and ensure that no adornment should badly affect any person or wildlife.

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Footage provided by WCPO Cincinnati