Controversial Beginnings Of The Modern-Day Bikini

In this era, women can wear anything they like, no matter how revealing it can be. You can wear a one-piece swimsuit, a bikini, or just shirt and shorts as swimwear.

However, during the old times in the 1920s to 1930s, swimming garments were more conservative. The old swimwear style doesn’t reveal the woman’s cleavage or bikini line.

One man started to break the style in 1946. His name was Louis Reard. He was an automobile engineer turned designer. He decided to make a swimsuit design that would divert the people’s attention from the effects of war.

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Los Angeles Times said that the swimsuit that Louis had created were cloth with newspaper designs. This swimsuit was given the name bikini, which is based on the name of the place for nuclear testing called Bikini Atoll.

Louis was struggling to find someone who will model for his newly-designed swimsuit because of the conservative views of people during that time. One woman was brave enough to take this challenge of posing as the bikini model. Her name was Micheline Benardini.

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When a photo of Louis’ bikini design was posted on Twitter that indicates that it was the world’s first bikini, criticisms had flooded to the page. A lot of people said that Louis design wasn’t the world’s first bikini because the ancient people already had them before.

However, Louis’s design was the first one to have a name bikini and the first swimsuit to be exposed in public in the modern era.

The European women were the first ones to adopt the style. Since then, the design had started to spread globally even if there were some people who said that the bikini were too revealing to be worn in public. By 1970s, bikini has started to be accepted as an ordinary swimwear.