Cop Dad Gets Fired for Violating Conduct Over Daughter’s Boyfriend

Dads can be naturally overprotective of their daughters — more so if the father is a police officer. There’s no saying what a dad, who works with the law, can do to his daughter’s boyfriend if he gets on the wrong side. However, for one father, it seems he went a bit too far.

On April 16, a police officer, named John Kovach Jr., pulled over a silver car. It looked like an ordinary cop doing his job, but dash-cam footage reveals a disturbing side to the story.

It turns out; John was stalking this particular vehicle because it belonged to her daughter’s boyfriend, Makai. Rather than respond to a road rage incident he was called to, John instead traced the car and pulled it over for no apparent reason. Dispatchers were unaware of the incident.

The dash-cam video revealed John ordering Makai out from the vehicle, and claimed that he was under arrest. After locking up Makai in the backseat of the police car, John headed back to Makai’s car only to find his daughter, Katlyn, in the back seat.

So, John ordered Makai out of the car and forcibly shoved his daughter instead. John disapproved of her relationship with Makai from the very start and claimed that the 18-year-old boy caused his daughter to become suicidal.

As soon as dispatch officers got a hold of the video, John was called in for investigation. As a veteran with more than 25 years of service to the Lorain Police Department in Ohio, John’s actions were inexcusable and an abuse of power.

Supervisors fired John for “violating police department standards of conduct.” This should be an eye-opener to John on the consequences one gets when they abuse the power that they have.