Cop Saves Trapped Puppy Stuck Under a Woodpile

Corporal Jeffrey Hughes spent 15 years at the Old Lycoming Township police. In that span of service, he never had any experience receiving a different kind of call for help.

The call he answered was about a puppy that was stuck under a woodpile and in need of saving. He then was dispatched to do his policeman duty and rescue the said puppy.

Before he received that odd call, the said puppy had been playing with his brother outside the house of Tracey Barbour, the owner of the dogs. The puppy was identified to be Gilbert, a 6-week-old black Labrador bred puppy.

Tracey, the one who called for help, was shocked that the puppy fell into the woodpile hence the call to the police station to rescue him. Gilbert, a mischievous young puppy uniquely found his way to the woodpile and fell.

Tracey tried to rescue Gilbert, but she just does not want to turn around. She thought to remove the logs as a resort, but it might cause danger to the puppy if it collapses. She dialed 911 then Corporal Jeffrey Hughes was the one who answered her call.

Jeffrey went on to the rescue. He thought that removing the logs was the only answer to help the stuck puppy, not until it started collapsing. Yet, he did all his best to remove all the logs as quickly as possible. With patience and determination to do his job and rescue Gilbert, he saved the puppy.

The corporal was commended for doing outside-of-the-box rescue to an unusual citizen of the town. Gilbert, the puppy, was reported safe after the incident.

For 15 years, this was the very first time that the corporal had encountered a rescue request like Gilbert’s.

Footage provided by WNEP Scranton