Country Singer Wynonna Judd’s Daughter Sentenced to Eight Years

Grace Pauline Kelley, the infamous daughter of country singer, Wynonna Judd, was convicted of eight years’ confinement for disobeying her probation. She was charged for the manufacture, sale, delivery, and possession of meth back in February of this year.

She’s been sentenced at West Tennessee State Penitentiary to eight years of jail, and her discharge date will be on August 10th, 2025. However, she is qualified for parole on February 4th, 2019, and most likely won’t be serving her full sentence.

According to a public informant who told US Weekly, Ms. Kelley’s probation was abolished last February 8th, 2018. The eight years of confinement is for the recorded two drugs back in June of 2016, and four more years for avoiding arrest last July of 2016.

Radar Online announced that Ms. Kelley’s first arrest happened last December of 2015. She was seized for purchasing Coleman fuel and pseudoephedrine, two components used in making meth.

It was revealed that two police officers who were patrolling the area approached Ms. Kelley’s vehicle as they noticed that her plate was dangling. She was with a man named Richard Wilcutt.

They almost got away with what they were really doing, but a concerned citizen tipped them off. The officers were informed that a bag was thrown out of the car’s window. In that bag were the Coleman fuel and pseudoephedrine.

Ms. Kelley was then caught again several months later for drug possession. She was arrested for the third time in November of 2016 for escaping justice, according to the tabloids.

The famous businessman, Arch Kelley, is Grace’s father. It was in 1998 when he got divorced from Wynonna; Grace was still two at that time. It’s not clear how her relationship with her mother is going.

In 2013, the famous actress and Grace’s aunt, Ashley Judd, got temporary supervision of her.