Couple Adopts Newborn Preemie, Then Doctors Warn That She May Be Blind And Deaf

After being born 13 weeks premature, and weighing just barely two pounds Abby was legally adopted by the Cowdrey family. Season and Brian, Abby’s new mom and dad had experience with premature babies. They had twins that were born at just 29 weeks, so Abby’s wasn’t completely new to them. They welcomed their new daughter with open hearts and open arms.

But while Abby certainly brought infinite joy after the adoption her doctors had some startling news for the couple.

Abby could be deaf and blind as well is what doctors told them.

This bombshell about their new daughter’s health came as a complete shock. But complications like these are really quite common in many premature births. They were determined not to allow this news weigh them down.

As the following days and weeks passed it seemed more and more as though they didn’t have much to be concerned about.

Season happily reporting “She is the happiest baby I’ve ever, ever known.”

Abby has beaten the odds and is now a thriving little girl at 19 weeks old.

Despite what they said could have been she grew and continues to grow stronger and healthier every day. Learning and socializing, and playing with her 3 siblings, Ayla, Micah, and Ashton.

“Abby is or sister by love…” says her big brother Ashton.

Thanks to the love of her family she’s come a long way from that scary beginning.

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