Couple Demanded To Fire A Teenager After Serving A Police Officer

A young cashier ended up suspended after buying a cookie for a cop. How is it possible that a good deed turned other people to create a great fuss about it? Great American Cookie is located in Katie Mills in Texas. This is where an 18-year-old boy named Zack Randolph work as a cashier. Everything was passing smoothly during his shift, not until a couple created a scene and demanded free cookies.

It all comes down when a police officer dropped by to buy a cookie. Zack noticed the man and thought of buying the desert for him. He took $2.75 out from his own money and paid for the cop’s desert. Little did he know that there is a couple who wanted him fired.

The couple approached Zack. They said that he is unfair and racist. They demanded to have free cookies as well. But the cookies were not free, and the young boy paid for it. Zack went into the back room because the couple is threatening him.

He posted the event on social media. When his mom, Tami, saw the post, she was angry. Zack even got a week suspension without pay because of what happened. Tami got furious on the result of a nice gesture.

Zack is known to be very kind. The people they know had supported them through the situation. There is also a support coming from social media. It is unbelievable that a treat from the heart will have a negative outcome.

Later on, the company admitted that their decision was wrong. In addition, they recognized that Zack’s action is right. The company is now contacting Zack and his mom to apologize for what happened.

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