Couple Finds Little Puppy Without Ears Crying on their Doorstep

Kaylee and her husband were sleeping soundly when they were awakened by a strange noise. The couple checked it out and found a crying little puppy just outside their house. The puppy was abandoned.

Initially, Mr. and Mrs. Doonkeen noticed something peculiar about the puppy. At first, they thought that the puppy’s ears were folded back. They called animal welfare for help. They welfare workers examined the puppy further. They were all horrified when they realized that the ears were completely removed.

Both ears were chopped off up to the scalp of the little dog. The animal welfare said that it was a rare and horrific case, especially that the ears were both totally removed. The couple and the people from the animal welfare rushed Rocky the dog to the veterinary hospital.

The vet reassured the couple and the rest of the team that Rocky will be alright. Fortunately, despite his removed ears, the dog’s hearing senses was not impaired. Rocky is now on the road to recovery. The animal welfare is arranging his adoption.

Now that the pup is doing well, the authorities decided to look for the monster who clipped off his ears. They want to know why they removed the ears in the first place. People on social media are astounded by Rocky’s recovery. Today, he is very playful and happy.

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PETA is offering a reward money of $5,000 for any information that will lead to the arrest of the culprit. It is highly prohibited to inflict harm on animals. If you have any information regarding the case, don’t hesitate to call the Animal Welfare hotline 405-297-3117.

Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma City