Couple Next Door Helps Reclusive Woman with Massive Code Fines

They say that life is just starting for young couples.

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This is why we mostly see them getting the best experiences the world could offer like kayaking in great waters, summer camping, relaxing in the beach, or vacationing somewhere nice.

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However, for one particular couple, Adam and Kristin Polhemus, they thought of something better to use their time for than gallivanting in amazing places.

The recently married couple is from Hamilton Township in New Jersey where they lived next door to an older woman who has lived in isolation for years.


Facebook / Kristin Polhemus

During the summer, they did the unexpected by helping their next-door neighbor despite not being close with the woman. / Kristin Polhemus

The woman who owned the house is a retired teacher, Anne Glancey.

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She grew up in that house and time came that she can no longer afford to pay her massive code violations that has mounted over the years.


She faces a 3,000-dollar fine every day if she doesn’t do the necessary repairs in her house.


Known as being a notorious recluse, there are no family or friends who could help Anne with the work that needs to be done.

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The grass and shrubs on her lawn are growing out of control, her house’s paint is peeling off, and there is a rusty abandoned car on her yard. / Kristin Polhemus

While Anne has been worried about the situation of her house as well as the mounting code fees, there is just nothing she could do to fix anything right now. / Kristin Polhemus

Until one day when she went outside her house, she saw the couple doing something special. / Kristin Polhemus

That is even after Adam and Kristin asked to help her with her house repair problems when she always changed the subject.

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