Cryptic Pregnancy: When A Woman Is Pregnant and Does not Know It

Dr. Kathleen Clem was called to the Emergency Room to treat Amber, a teenage girl who was screaming. Amber did not know what’s wrong, but she felt excruciating pain.

The medical team can see the head of the newborn straining against her pants, but even up to that time, Amber did not give any indication that she was pregnant, much less giving birth.

It might seem implausible, but experts say it happens that a woman carries a child for nine months in her womb without knowing that she is pregnant. This phenomenon is called pregnancy denial or cryptic pregnancy. According to British research, it occurs in 1 out of 2,500 pregnancies.

Some women do not have regular periods. They do not have sex regularly. They do not even see a doctor. When these things happen, they may not realize that they are pregnant. Mental health issues can also cause the mother to refuse the idea that they are carrying a child in their womb.

Pregnancy denial occurs often. Some studies show that most women realize they are pregnant only about five months after conception.

In the reenactment video shown on Untold Stories Of The ER, doctors cut off Amber’s pants to quickly deliver her baby daughter. Amber’s father ran to the room when he heard a baby crying. He was enraged and confused about his daughter’s ‘secret’ pregnancy, but still Amber insisted that she was not pregnant.

Dr. Clem spoke with Amber’s boyfriend who was in complete shock. He could not believe that he had gotten her pregnant. He said there was no way he could have done it. Dr. Clem was stunned by what she heard. How could the teenage couple still deny anything when there’s a living, breathing baby girl involved?

Check the video to hear his reasoning!