The 8 Puppies Try To Feed From The Dalmatian Dad, Then He Dives Away Funnily

These little so cute and adorable puppies can actually be very big nuisance and this is something only a pet owner can know.

There is no big difference between puppies and toddlers who just want to bite away everything with their teeth and their claws just a little difference is that puppies can move around a little lot faster

Toddlers are so damn cute. You have no option more than loving them no matter how destructive or how loud they are.

It is normal to see puppies getting more attached to their mothers rather than their fathers. Puppies in puppy store and in rescue shelters are seen living on their own and are the sad ones.

This whole Dalmatian family is complete and is together at one place which makes them happy. And this video shows what it is like when a whole family is together.

Just the way a dad brings pizza at his toddler’s birthday party, this interaction between dad and his puppies is very similar. This dad dalmation takes a leap over the pen and joins his puppies when he wants to play with his puppies and these little puppies just have food in their mind when he says hello.

And it seems as if they just have one question to answer that why there is no milk

And looks like these pups have a lot more to learn

It’s good to play with dad for some time and when dad thinks its high time and they should be on their own so quickly jumps out of the pen with a toy with which he and mom can play together.

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