Dad Installs Security Camera In The Attic To Catch The Creepy Spy

Our home is a place of comfort and sanctuary. It is the only place on earth that lets us escape all the burdens and worries of the outside world. It is supposed to be a private space where we only let in the people whom we truly trust. However, one couple’s house has been invaded and breached its privacy by a creepy stalker. Jerome and Ashley Kennedy were horrified to find out that someone has been spying on them for god knows how long. The husband was peacefully sleeping in their room when he heard awful noises. He also saw a light peeping through a pipe above his head. Uncertain of where the noise and light are coming from, he installed a security camera in their attic.

It was a disturbing revelation. They found out that the noise and light were coming from a small hole in their attic. It was their 69-year-old neighbor, Robert Havrilla, drilling holes in their common wall.

According to the reports, Robert was renovating his house which is next door to the Kennedy’s house. Apparently, he has gained access to their attic after installing a removable wall. He started watching on the couple and their baby while sleeping.

The Kennedy family was both scared and mortified because they had no idea how long their neighbor has been spying on them. Robert was arrested by the police but has not pled guilty to his crime. He was charged with trespassing and stalking. The couple is hoping that their creepy stalker neighbor would be judged accordingly so they can sleep peacefully at night.

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