Dad Invites Pet Dachshund For A Walk, Dog Seems Not Interested

Have you already met the adorable dachshund in California that is named Captain Weenie? This dog just recently became famous when his video went viral. The reason for his popularity is quite unexpected.

You see, we are used to seeing dogs that get excited when it is time for their walk. These four-legged animals always jump at the chance to go outside and play.

In the video, Captain Weenie was clear in displaying his disinterest to the invitation of his dad to go for a walk. The dachshund declined the offer in a cute manner.

Alex Backes is the proud owner of this rescue dog who had no idea he became an online star after his dad posted a video of him.

A friend of Alex urged him to open an Instagram account for Captain Weenie. One time, Alex showed to the dog his harness, which meant that it was time for their walk.

Captain Weenie, for reasons only known to him, refused to walk outside with his dad Alex. The dachshund turned around and stared straight ahead and did not move from the couch he was sitting on. Captain Weenie was clearly giving Alex the cold shoulder to the amusement of his dad.

Alex tried to invite the dog a few more times, but Captain Weenie simply would not budge. This showed us that if he wanted to, Captain Weenie can possess some determination and willpower.

When dad posted the video on Instagram, it gained a lot of interest among other Instagram users. The proof is the 50,000 views it received, and counting.

Setting aside the said video, Alex told people that Captain Weenie actually is excited to go for a walk. It was just that the getting ready part is not enjoyable for the dog.