Baby Girl Is Enjoying The Sound Of Dads Voice As He Sings You Are So Beautiful To Her

The term “Daddy’s little girl” references the special bond that often exists between a father and his daughter.

Sure, mom carries the children for 9 months but after they’re born their attention turns to whoever is holding the bottle at the moment. A lot of times as soon as Dad gets a look at those sweet little faces his heart melts and it’s game over.

This is especially the case if we’re talking about a daughter. Even the manliest of men can’t resist the charm of a baby girl. They have their dad wrapped around their fingers and they don’t even know it yet because they’re too young.

As time goes on, this bond usually becomes even stronger as the pair participate in and share some of the special moments life offers. Like the one’s in this video.

You can heat the joy of fatherhood in this dad’s voice as he sings to his two-month-old baby girl.

As he sings Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful” the baby’s eyes are as wide as silver dollars!

The whole time he’s singing his little girl is completely captivated by his voice, almost as if she understands the words. While flashing a beautiful smile.

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