Dad Learns a Lesson From Kindness Of His 11-Year-Old Son

Blanton O’Neal was out with his eleven-year-old son Sean when they encountered something that could happen to anyone.

Blanton posted the story on his Facebook account. At first he was hesitant because it painted him in bad light, but this shows how children live without judging others. He started off by explaining how he and Sean were on their way to a soccer tourney and took a short stop at the gas station. As Blanton was in the store, he gave his keys to Sean so he could make his way to the car first.

Facebook/Blanton O’Neal

When Blanton looked out to the window, he noticed that Sean had approached a wheelchair-bound African-American man who seemed homeless. Of course, Blanton’s first thought was that the man called Sean over to ask for some money. However, Blanton didn’t notice that his son and the man were having a short conversation; after which, he turned around and headed back to the car.


When Blanton saw this, he went straight to the car instead of confronting the situation. After entering the car, he asked Sean what happened. Sean calmly explained that he went over to the man to ask him if he needed help and that the man said, “no, but thank you for asking.”

Facebook/Blanton O’Neal

Blanton noticed that the man was attempting to move his wheelchair around in a pothole-filled driveway. They pulled up beside the old man and asked if they could give him some money but the old man declined again. As soon as the father and son pulled out of the gas station, Blanton noticed Sean wave out to the old man. He wondered if anyone else would show the same kindness as his son did.

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