Dad Secretly Transforms Daughter’s Room With Paint, Then Blindfolds Her For The Big Reveal

Adam Hargreaves works as a supermarket employee in Yorkshire, England. Apparently, this man also happens to be a gifted painter. There was one instance that made him redefine his path toward art when her three-year-old daughter Bobbie refused to go to sleep.

Since Bobbie wouldn’t want to go to sleep, Adam thought of transforming her daughter’s room into a fairytale haven. He transformed her daughter’s room by painting a mural with Disney film characters like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and the Little Mermaid.

Good thing he was able to film a time-lapse footage that proves he’s definitely a gifted painter! Adam said that it took him exactly 300 hours to finish the painting in his daughter’s room.

After he was finished with his masterpiece, he decided to surprise his daughter by blindfolding her. When the blindfold was removed, the little girl was overwhelmed with what she saw and was grateful to her dad.

On a side note, Adam’s wife Leah exclaimed that Bobbie would finally go to bed without problems.

Leah admitted that she admired her husband’s ability, but she also shared that it took about five years before she knew that Adam had this talent. She recalled that there was one time when he painted their house that made her mad at first. When she saw it, she was instantly stunned.

On the other hand, Adam never thought of living-off his art until his video caught the attention of more than 10 million viewers. Now, it seems that his hidden talent has become an open door to everyone.

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