Man Turns Garage Into A Whole New House

Martin Brown was blessed with a son. His mother in law wanted to live closer to them so that she can see her grandson whenever she wanted. Now the question was where would she stay in the house?  Martin came up with a great answer!

He had an old garage in the house compound. It was there since 1920. He decided to turn it into a modern house. It took 1 year of planning and 6 months of renovation, but the result was stunning.

This garage of about 140sq. feet had 1 floor built inside! The floor was kept same as before (of concrete). The sofas, kitchen platform, dish storage etc. were built to save the space. Tall glass doors and natural light coming from the roof were giving feel of larger area.

On the first floor you can find a full size bed with a book rack! It also has an attached bathroom with all the facilities! Now Martin’s son can spend a lot more time with his grandmother.