Daughter Greets Her Military Dad Leaping Into His Arms On His Return Back

The life of a person in the armed forces is very difficult as they sacrifice their family life to serve their country no matter how much they love them. Especially when they are deployed abroad, they never get time to spend with their children and do parenting things such as dropping them to school at all as they are away from them for months.

Chief Brian Callipo, a naval man was returning back home from his straight eight deployment abroad wanted to surprise his kids.

His family including his three children weren’t expecting him to arrive so early. Eldest daughter Abby Callipo who had one of her volleyball games wasn’t expecting her father to be present for it. But her dad had other plans.

He showed up in their school at the perfect time to surprise Abby and her two siblings. On seeing him, she ran and jumped into his arms still surprised on his unexpected visit.

He had missed a lot while he was away from everyone and he saw his daughter Abby as the new captain of her team. This day will always be remembered and cherished by Abby, her dad and their entire family.