Daughter Wears Mother’s 1996 Prom Gown and the Two Women Look Exactly Alike

Every daughter out there has probably heard a thousand times that she looks exactly like her mother. The majority of mothers and daughters who hear this would just agree and beam with pride.

One of the popular ways that a mother and daughter can show their love for one another is to purchase and wear matching outfits. By doing so, they are expressing what they feel towards each other in a non-verbal manner. Their special closeness will be clear for everyone to witness particularly if they wear matching attires as the daughter becomes an adult herself. Moreover, if they look alike, they could be mistaken as twins.

In the case of Holly and Nancy Fischer, their likeness is more than just their appearance.

Nancy has always made an effort to be an honor student in all her school years. Just like Holly, her mother, she easily accomplished her academic goals. Nancy became the valedictorian in her senior high school, which is about 21 years after her mother attained the same.

As expected, no one was more overjoyed for these educational feats than her mother.

One particular journey that these two share is when they decided to wear the same ball gown for their proms, 23 years apart. Interestingly, when Nancy donned the gown for her senior high school prom, the dress fits her body like it is her own.

Holly took care of the gown and kept it to this day with the idea that her daughter might also wear it someday.

Just like Holly and Nancy, it seems that a large number of mother and daughter tandems are sharing prom gowns, aside from the casual clothes. It is not merely for sentimental reasons, but also because the clothing trends have a habit of finding their way back again and again.