Daughters Refuse To Clean Their Rooms

Alice Velasquez was tired of informing her teen children to clean their rooms. She would duplicate it over and over once again. The mess would accumulate and Alice would wind up cleaning their rooms herself.

She was fed up. The mama wished to teach her children a lesson in obligation. She entered into their rooms and put all their things, as she discovered them, in the garbage.

“What do you do when you are DONE informing your teenage children to stop letting their room appear like homeless individuals live there?” she composed on Facebook. “You put everything (YES EVERYTHING) into plastic bags.”

However here’s the kicker: Everything was taken into bags the way she discovered it. So there might be garbage, one sock, and a hairbrush in one bag, while another garbage bag might have had the other sock, a t-shirt, and a laptop computer in it. In order to get a bag back the children needed to pay $25 per bag, not knowing what was within.

They might just utilize the $25 if the cash had actually been made from tasks they were currently expected to be doing. No outside loan was permitted.

When Alice shared the images on Facebook, her story went viral. A lot of moms and dads applauded her, while others implicated the mother of abuse.

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