Dead Dog Came Back To Life After Being Buried Three-Feet Under

Only zombies rise from the dead. What will you do if you witness rising from the dead? Will you be scared? Will you be happy that someone came back and did not leave you completely? Will you take it as a miracle?

In October 1990, a tragedy happened to a household in Severna Park, Maryland. A family’s 4-year-old Jack Russell dog, Mugsy, ran into a car outside their home.

Viola, Mugsy’s human mother, was at work that time. On the other hand, Glenn, Viola’s boyfriend, was busy babysitting their two children.

Glenn was not able to witness the entire accident. What he saw when he ran outside the house after realizing what happened was Mugsy bleeding heavily. He picked up the poor Jack Russell and watched it passed away while the dog was in his arms.

According to Glenn, Mugsy was completely dead that time. He was no longer breathing, and his heart was no longer beating.

Glenn instructed their children to go and stay inside. He dug a three-foot hole in a wooded yard and buried the remains of their lovely pet.

Right after Viola went home from her work that evening, she, Glenn, and their two children went to where Glenn buried Mugsy. One of their children even said a heartfelt prayer. The family planned to place a wooden cross on top of Mugsy’s grave.

However, the next morning at around 5:30, they were awakened by the sound of door scratching.

When they opened the door to see what the scratching sound was, they were extremely shocked and puzzled at what they saw – it was Mugsy! He was completely alive. It seems like he rose up from the dead to be with his family again.