Defying All Odds – A Car Crash Victim’s Miracle Survival

Miracles happen every day. Sometimes we just fail to notice them.

For Johnson family, Beth’s survival was a miracle. A horrific car crash nearly took her life. The doctors have even told her family that they may have to bid goodbye to Beth after being declared brain-dead due to the accident.

Beth Johnson shared how much she had suffered from serious injuries which caused significant damage to her head. It is also discouraging to see her brain scans with no signs of activity. Therefore, the doctors told her family to bid farewell to her.

However, two years passed, Beth Johnson has unpredictably surpassed all the odds. Who would have thought that she could still survive, start talking and walking again? Most of all, no one has probably thought that she will be able to finish her college education.

Due to head injuries, the doctors had to remove her front skull to relieve pressure. Aside from suffering from severe head fractures, Beth had a damaged eye socket. She also had a broken pelvis and collarbone, as well as a collapsed lung.

Prior to the accident, Beth was a professional dancer. The doctors believed her fitness contributed to her survival.

Beth Johnson thinks of her recovery as a miracle. She is so grateful to the doctors and nurses who took care of her. It may have been a long and hard process, but she is grateful for her recovery every day.

Although she hopes to do dancing again, she knew she would not be able to do so. She believes though that her purpose is to become a dance teacher and help other people who are passionate about being a great dancer.