Delivery Man Quick To Call Child Protective Services When Mom Does Not Respond

Didn’t your mom or dad teach you to just keep your cool first before panicking in dangerous times? Presence of mind, pause and think. Then afterward, act.

Now this delivery boy seemed to not know about this protocol and was quick to judge a mother who called for delivery and did not show up on the door after a few minutes.

This guy made a quick call to the Child Protective Services when he arrived at a house and there was no one answering there.

It was just a quick judgment for this guy when he thought that the place he went to was a house where children were just left behind by their parents all by themselves at home.

He thought this was alarming and called for professional help.

The mother who lives in Connecticut, Patty Levreault, was just in the house together with her children one morning. The kids were just behaved and were just on the television. They were in the living when the sound of the delivery man was heard.

The mom felt lazy to answer this call of the man as we were still wearing her pajamas. She thought the guy would just leave her package at their front porch.

Patty said just went to the bathroom and to her surprise, three policemen suddenly showed up at their doorstep instead!

The delivery guy assumed that the two kids were all by themselves in the house without a single parent with them so he reported the mother to the said child services.

The mom now fears she might go behind bars for this incident. This is just one of those things called ‘parent shaming’. Other people are just quick to judge without examining the entire thing first before reporting to the city officials.